Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Notable Matches From 2010 - Day Five

Tommy End v. Brian Danielson - WXW 7/4/10

WXW is a German company and for some reason they decided to run a shootstyle tourney. The show is set in an extremely crowded brick building that sort of looks like a coffee house and comes complete with pretentious Rimbaud reading types who Golf clap for every hold and reversal. The ring is tiny and the mat is covered with a sort of loose fitting tarp that looks like something Dexter Morgan would use to butcher someone on.

Match goes almost exactly seven minutes which is pretty much the perfect length for a match like this. Danielson is such an easy fit into this setting that you really want to see him get a BattlArts run. He works several smooth spots on the mat, does a good job targeting the leg and the finish with Danielson getting annoyed by End's weak strike attack and flooring him with some nasty leg kicks is pretty great.

This isn't an off the charts great match, but it's something people should see.

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