Saturday, August 7, 2010

Notable Wrestling From 2010 - Day Two

Heavy Hitters v. Hillbilly Wrecking Crew v. H8 Club - JAPW 1/23/10

This was the main event of Jersey All-Pro's epic thirteen match, four plus hour long, Anniversary card back in January. This was the fourth match from the show I watched, and while the three matches before it were all entertaining in their own ways, this was easily the best of the bunch.

This is basically two fat guys, two big rednecks and two mall metal kids beating the shit out of each other with everything in sight for twenty minutes. The crowd is visibly tired by this point but they still go ballistic for this and who the hell can blame them? You've got multiple railing bumps to the point where the railing literally splits into pieces of metal that the wrestlers than use to gouge each other with. There are multiple spots with low rent goth wrestlers getting tossed down bleachers. There are guys getting punched in the face full force with soda cans and taking dangerous unprotected chairshots to the skull. Monsta Mack murders someone with a splash off the top and Necro murders the H8 club with a flip plancha from the top to the floor. Mack takes a running powerbomb onto an upright chair with another hooked to his back doubling the impact. Dudes are getting faceplanted through doors. This is just a great brawl that builds and builds and builds to the point where you really don't know how it's going to end. None of the spots look contrived or silly and the end result is a great match, a wrecked ring and a crowd that may have actually gotten TOO MUCH for their money.

In particular I thought Necro was pretty incredible here. A few weeks back I watched a match he had with Kevin Sullivan on Saint Pattys Day at a high school gym in West Virgina. That match was all about Necro bumping and taking nasty shots from Sullivan. He gets hit hard as hell with a ringbell (maybe the single nastiest bell shot I've ever seen), gets decked in the face with a mop wringer, gets spiked in the nuts, et. It's a very good carry job from Necro and I get the impression it's the sort of match a lot of people think of when they think of him.

This match had plenty of Necro bumps too, but this was really Necro's turn to be the ass kicker. Aside from the aforementioned coke can and plancha spots, he has a great spot where he's holding one of the JAPW cameras and just peppering one of the mall metal kids with shots to the face. Early in the match he does an awesome running battery ram sequence with a table to a huge pop. He really knows how to milk these sort of things and gets more out of them than virtually any other indy worker could.

This is 2010. Most indie wrestling is cleanly packaged and processed spot trading, with fifty nearfalls, and "please don't stop!" chants from the assorted sex deviants in attendance. By comparison this match is what would happen if a bunch of special ed kids got into a fist fight during gym class. That may not be 2010 indie wrestling, but it's the best kind of indie wrestling.

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