Monday, August 9, 2010

Notable Matches From 2010 - Day Four

Gringo Loco/El Hijo Del Diablo/Avisman v. Chico Che/Black Terry/Dr. Cerebro - IWRG 3/7/10

I'm going to cut right to the chase here. This was an awesome match, definitely top ten, possibly top five for the year. It is essentially a cornucopia of wrestling greatness with great pre-match heeling, great bumps, great selling, great spots, great brawling, a great finish and of course (and most importantly) a fat dude doing awesome highspots.

If you are new to IWRG here is what you should know - Gringo Loco and El Hijo Del Diabo have been engaged in a vicious feud all year with Terry and Cerebro that has resulted in some of the best and most intense brawls of the last ten years. Loco is basically working an Art Barr-esque "screw the wetbacks, god bless America!" gimmick and El Hijo Diablo is essentially working Eddie Guerrero to Loco's Art Barr, i.e. turncoat to La Raza. Avisman was drafted into the unit at some point in the year to complete the Gringo Loco VIP trios team. Terry and Cerebro presumably brought Chico Che along because he is a fat dude with Festus-like fits of rage and the dopest fat guy highspots this side of 1996 Dick Togo. Everyone of these guys is a top thirty worker so far this year and that's really low balling it. I'm a Lucha novice and I'd probably have five of these guys in my current top twenty.

Typical pre-match ritual is for Gringo Loco to chastise the locals and that's exactly what we got here with a little twist - NFL football player Dhani Jones is in the crowd and gets big props from Loco and the gang. Evidently Jones actually worked a match for IWRG as part of some Travel Channel thing though I never saw it. Moving on.

Opening fall is rudo domination fall and features some serious blood loss from Terry, Cerebro and Chico Che. Black Terry Jr. is the one shooting these handhelds and he does an awesome job catching the gore here as there are some really wonderful shots of all of these guys throughout that really make this one feel like a war. I really love Diablo's nut kick as a defensive move any time someone tries to get the upper hand in a strike battle. Gringo Loco is a great prick as well and Avisman's headbutts look surprisingly vicious at times in this.

There is a really great moment at the beginning of the second fall where Avisman comes over to cheap shot Terry and Terry gives him a "you have got to be kidding me boy" look and starts beating his ass before the rest of the rudos run over and stomp him down. The transition to offense for the "good guys" is really tremendous as Loco flies to the floor on a corner charge and they proceed to whip up on Avisman and Diablo with the Cerebro's staple rope assisted dropkick and the Chico Che fat man senton.

Chico Che by the way is fucking awesome in this. I'm a big mark for good big men in general, but Chico Che is one of the single most "fun" guys in wrestling and is super underrated. There is a moment in this that feels like something out of a teen movie where the fat homely kid from the country is finally fed up of getting picked on a just snaps and starts beating the shit out of people. Seriously Chico Che is just punching people in the face and screaming and the crowd is going batshit like it's that scene in Can't Buy Me Love where Ronald Miller makes the save before the jocks beatdown Kenneth for hanging out with the cheerleaders and everyone in the school gives him a standing ovation. Actually I think nice fat kid getting picked on by douchebag jocks only to snap and start fucking people up is a really under explored way to structure a match in wrestling despite having real life relevance for a lot of people (and I say this as an emaciated vegetarian with a bit of a mean streak). Anyway Chico Che looks like he's the best wrestler on Earth in this and hits a couple of fat man splashes to take the second fall.

Third fall is as awesome as the rest of the match with some crazy brawling, some great Black Terry hulk up moments and of course another run of awesome Chico Che shit. Seriously folks, fat man in overalls gliding through exchanges that most indie spot freaks can't nail properly is a real sight to behold. Gringo Loco is also a spot machine and an absolute bump freak of the highest order and Chico Che actually outshines him during the dive segment with an epic tope.

The moments in this when it is just Diablo and Cerebro in the ring are ultra hot and the crowd really goes nuts as Cerebro looks like he's about to put a run together and Diablo cuts him off and finishes him clean with a submission for the finish. Actually Diablo was fucking awesome in this too, begging off, picking his shots, et. Avisman was probably the least of the people in this and he was really fucking solid. This was just a great fucking match. Aside from one awkward spot with Diablo on Cerebro's shoulders that seemed to last forever until Chico Che hit the ring, this was prety much a flawless brawl.

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