Thursday, August 12, 2010

Notable Matches From 2010 - Day Six

Josh Crow v. Damian - USWO ?/?/10

I can't find the exact date on this as I stumbled upon this while searching for 2010 Chris Michaels matches. This will not be a match that appeals to everyone as it has an awkward moment or two and it's bursts of big offense come across as almost self-consciously indy at times. But for me this really worked for a lot of reasons.

For starters this is essentially a studio wrestling match in 2010 between two guys that look like 1980 studio jobbers. Imagine how a crowd in Memphis would have reacted in the 80's if Billy Travis had busted a tope con hilo onto Mark Starr right at their feet. That's pretty much what happens here, though the locals do include a disproportionate number of No Depression-reading, Alt Country types, who are apparently unaware that Nashville isn't Austin.

Secondly, this match is very well structured as you have an opening barrage of "big offense" from the babyface Crow, who then whiffs pretty nastily on a tope, which sets up the heat section. There are several comeback teases here and Crow is unusually good at selling a beating with these theatrical bumps and facial expressions that you would never get out of Tyler Black or Roddy Strong or whoever the indie standard bearer is these days. They build slowly to the eventual Crow takeover which takes place after a pele' kick that was hit perfectly and appropriately sold by both guys.

Another really impressive thing about this was how solid everything looked. I mentioned the tope con hilo and the pele, but literally every big spot in this looked good. Crow was running through Damian's offense to make it look good and I thought Damian got over really well for some quick rana's. Also was impressed by Crowd's kicks as they looked sharp, impactful and at times brutal.

There is a shitty run-in finish here and Damian could have brought a bit more offensively. But those are quibbles. The explosive babyface really looked like an explosive babyface here and the douchebag heel really looked like a douche. This was a flash and sizzle match with good pacing in front of a half country fried/half hipster audience. As an illustration of the dispirit elements that make up modern indie wrestling this probably can't be topped.

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